CAOILIAN SHERLOCK is a musician, artist, theatre maker, production manager and event manager. He has worked in cultural and arts facilitation for the past 7 years.

At 16, he joined a rock band with school friends and they began rehearsing in a container down by the docks. They lied their way into bars and sneaked into venues in order to be able to play shows. Following a brief stint studying English and History at UCC, he moved to Coláiste Stiofáin Naofa to study music and sound.

In 2010 he toured Europe with F*ck My Life, a co-production between Cork Midsummer Festival and CAMPO (Ghent). As a sound designer and sound engineer, the production introduced him to theatre as well full time touring between July 2010 and April 2011.

With a group of 14 young artists and performers he set up the theatre company, Makeshift Ensemble. Having worked on two new shows as a writer, performer, assistant director, the technical manager and producer and as Associate Producer of the company – the group started working towards facilitating non-formal learning practices for other young artists in Cork City. He started a one-to-one mentorship programme with Kath Gorman (Cork Midsummer Festival) based on Producing in the Arts.

As a musician he toured Ireland, UK and USA. In 2011, he toured UK and Ireland with rock group Circus Cat. In March - May 2012 he extensively toured USA with Nashville based singer Chelsea Crowell and fellow Irish musicians Colm O'Herlihy and Robbie Barron. Since 2013 he has been extensively touring Ireland with The Shaker Hymn coinciding with the release of two albums Rascals Antique (November 2014) and Do You  Think You’re Clever (April 2016).

From 2008 - 2014, He worked in The Pavilion Bar & Nightclub as a live music promoter, DJ, production manager and live sound engineer working with Irish and international acts, bands and DJs. Following the closure of The Pavilion he started Southern Hospitality Board - booking and promoting acts in venues across Cork City and County.

In 2013 he curated, developed and promoted a trimonthly multi-disciplinary festival QUARTER. QUARTER focused on young, emerging artists who find it difficult to attract an audience in Cork City and it gives them the platform to develop their own artistic practice.

In 2014 he created and produced Quarter Block Party with Southern Hospitality Board and Makeshift Ensemble, which took place in February 2015 and 2016. Quarter Block Party is follow on event from QUARTER, it takes place in the Old Town area of Cork City and aims to engage with local audiences and audiences that are unfamiliar with the arts and creative practices while promoting young emerging artists. This is done through discussion with local business and residents, city council placing live art/music in shop windows and on the street. Caoilian has worked mainly as a music programmer but also as a live art and panel discussion curator, as well as production and technical manager throughout this project so far. In August 2016 he became Festival Manager.