Small Town Disco is multi-disciplinary collaborative art project, a radio show and digital imprint/record label.

It investigates the avenues through which we are provided information. How news, advertising, marketing and PR are all aspects of a capitalist agenda which rely on the creative industries; radio, television, film, music, graphic design and fashion. Small Town Disco in it’s infancy - focuses on the participation and communication of artwork in the deconstruction of the forces of mainstream communication such as news reports, viral videos, sporting commentary, pop songs, and political slogans.  

The first episode of Small Town Disco began at Sample Studios, Cork. Caoilian Sherlock and Eilis Collins focused on discussion and research based around the dichotomy that exists in the places where people gather in groups such as night clubs, football matches and protests - against the anxiety, loneliness, nervousness and agitation that such scenes can manifest. Alongside the conversation around our evolving habits of living an online life versus our natural “real life” lives - we began with a discourse for Small Town Disco.

Whilst scrolling through and deconstructing news sites and youtube clips and footage from people’s camera phones. Caoiliian simultaneously began work on music with friend and collaborator Darren Keane. This collaboration was titled WORM - the process here was purposefully primal - trying to create a soundscape to reflect a desperately cold winter which brought with it isolation, lethargy and a lack of freedom to maneuver while fueling an urgency to create work which could tell a story - a story that was current and in progress.

This music soon became a soundtrack to a film made from stolen footage and audio clips that were shared online. The short film is also called Small Town Disco.

The Small Town Disco Radio Show is a blend of sounds, songs and spoken word - it is an experimental soundtrack to a every second Sunday Morning on